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At For Your Kitchen we specialize in bread making, so we know our grain mills.  Often called "wheat grinders" because many consumers only ever use their grain mills for grinding wheat, grain mills are much more versatile grinding machines.  All of our grain mills will grind virtually any grain or bean.  Seeds & nuts on the other hand are too oily and will gum up virtually any grain mill. 

For home use our favorite grain mill is the Nutrimill Grain Mill - it is easy to use, not too noisy, manufacturer lifetime warranty, very fast with little heat generation (up to 5 cups per minute).  The Vital Mill is a value buy in the electric grain mill category.  The Country Living Grain Mill is the most robust and well built and our top choice for hand grinders, however, it may be out of many customers price range.  The value buy in hand grain mills is the Victorio Grain Mill and not a bad hand grain mill either.  The most versatile grain mill is the Family Living Grain Mill system with options to add hand base, adapters for mixers, grain flaker attachments and more.

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Just Milling Around - Grain Mills what's The difference?

We have always specialized in grain mills, however, we are getting a lot more questions about grain mills than in the past.  I am writing this article in an attempt to answer a few of the common questions.  This section could go on for several pages, so I will try to be very brief and will encourage you to come in and take a look at our mills and ask some of your own questions.
What is the best grain mill?  If you ask me, it is the Nutrimill.  The Nutrimill is an electric high speed, and very easy to use grain mill.  The Nutrimill will grind & hold up to 20 cups of flour in five minutes.  This is the least noisy of the high speed grain mills, you can turn the mill off and on while wheat is in the hopper, the pull out bucket is very easy to get to your flour and the mill has a texture control from pastry fine to corn meal type consistency.
Why grind grain anyway?  Grains are full of nutrients that are essential for life.  Freshly milled flour is more nutritious because nutrients decrease over time.  Many grains can also add to the flavors of our breads and other doughs.
What if I only want to make bread less than once a month?  We do carry attachments to the Bosch Mixers, or Kitchen Aid Mixers, these mills grind much slower and do not last as long but will probably be the best option for you.
I want a grain mill that will work if their is no power, but I also want to make bread a couple of times a month, what should I get?  I have found that electric grain mills are the best to use on a frequent basis, however, if their is no power you will need a hand mill.  I realize that many people want something that does it all, but the best comparison would be wanting a vehicle to get to work that you can use if there is no fuel available.  You could ride a bike to work everyday, but this is not practicle as fuel is readily available.  You will find that you feel the same when you try to use a hand grain mill.
What if I just want some cracked wheat?  Cracked wheat is very easy to grind, a hand grain mill would be sufficient or a mixer attachment will work great also.  High speed electric grain mills grind too find to get a good cracked wheat cereal.  You will be able to grind all you want by hand in less than a minute as cracked wheat does not require as much grinding.
What is the best mill for storage?  That depends on many factors.  I personally have a Victorio which we have on sale for $69.99 right now.  This is the least expensive mill that we carry.  I do not believe that it is the best hand grain mill, but it has been on display and used by customers for over 4 years (it is plenty durable).  I have never used it and hope that I never have to.  You can buy hand grain mills that will cost over $400!  Why not just get a good high speed grain mill and an adequate hand grain mill?
Do you have a grain mill that will work electrically and by hand?  Yes, we carry the Family Living Grain mills that will attach to a Bosch Mixer or a Kitchen Aid with an adapter and will work on a hand base.  This would be the best option if you want to use your mill less than once a month as they still take a long time to grind and will wear out when use on a consistent basis over a long period of time.
More Questions?  Come on in or give us a call 1-800-919-1175 and let us help you with your situation.

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