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The Holidays With Bosch


Without a doubt, most of us do more cooking/baking around the holidays than any other time of the year.  There are so many appliances out there to make your life easier when it comes to preparing your holiday meals, but which ones are worth the money you spend on them and won’t take up every last inch of your kitchen storage?
We feel that the Bosch Universal Mixer is one of those indispensable appliances.  The beauty of the Bosch Mixer, is that it comes with so many attachments, you won’t have to buy scores of appliances that fill up your cupboards.
The Bosch Mixer is a must have for the cook who bakes, especially dough breads.  The large bowel can hold up to 15 lbs of dough and is very easy to clean up (and clean up is our least favorite part of baking!).  The bowel cover and splash ring make baking with flours or powdered sugars much easier to contain and help when working with large quantities of dough.
 One of our favorite attachments is the Universal Slicer Shredder.  This attachment makes slicing potatoes or vegetables so easy (which is always a bonus when putting together a big dinner for family or friends).  With prep time cut down you have more time to put together those recipes saved for special occasions!
 What “do it all” kitchen appliance would be complete without a blender?  The Universal Plus Complete Blender Utilizes the 800 watt motor and is strong enough for your tough blending jobs from crushing ice to nuts.  It’s also perfect this time of year for blending sauces and dressings.   
The last attachment we will highlight is the food processor.  Food processors come in so handy during the holidays and this one is especially nice attaching right to your Bosch Mixer.
Right now at For Your Kitchen, the Bosch Mixer is on sale for $399.99! Another option is our Bundle and Save promotion which includes a Bosch Mixer, Blender and Shredder/Slicer for $479.98.
We also carry parts for your Bosch mixer to keep it running smoothly for years to come.  Feel free to call us and talk with our Bosch experts at 800-919-1175.